CD Review – Sights and Sounds – Monolith

Sights & Sounds – Monolith – Smallman Records 2009

Sights & Sounds are a group made up of a collective of previous bands, including Comeback Kid, Sick City and Figure Four. They cite influences such as Mew, The Police and Sigur Ros. They incorporate a mix of distortion, melody and aggression that has placed them in the “post-hardcore” genre with the likes of AFI, Funeral For A Friend and Secret & Whisper.

Monolith is a 13 track outting from Sights & Sounds which is a good representation of the entirety of their sound. You can tell right from the get go that each member of the band has their own style and each contribute accordingly. The vocals vary greatly from song to song giving a great amount of depth to the band. The second track “Shudder, St.Kilda” starts with a quiet whisper, and then breaks into a heavier section complete with screams and “whoa”s. The CD runs an hour in length, with 6 songs clocking in at over 5 minutes, seems quite long for bands of this kind, but the large amount of material is welcomed.

Each track has an overall similar sound, but a careful listener can easily distinguish from songs they may like or dislike. Track 6, “The Furthest Truth” is a more melodic track with harmoies from the two male vocalists, along with a reappearance by the female singer from the first track. The later tracks on Monolith step away from the heavier influences and more towards a lighter kind of pop-punk with a growly vocal line. Which really contradicts the post-hardcore catergorization. The CD is generally good, but nothing stands out to completely seperate them from the bands in which they sound so similar to.

Finishing their “Weight of The World Tour” with Misery Signals, Haste the Day and others in June, Sights & Sounds are getting their sound out and being seen. Monolith is a well rounded CD dwelving into just about everything from punk, to pop, to acoustic, to post-hardcore.


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