Homeward Bound and the Facebook Rant.

Hello internet!

Yes, it is official. I am travelling home to Calgary on August 27th, 9:00 am flight. I made the plans this morning and now it’s all set. I’ll be returning to Victoria on the 7th of September to start the school year on the 9th of September. I suppose I best go get my books now so I don’t have to be rushing on those two days. Blah.

So it’s even more official now. It’s on Facebook. Facebook is a weird world of it’s own I’ve found. Everyone these days makes the joke about relationships: “It’s not official ’til it’s on Facebook.” Which I can see some truth value in, but don’t fully believe it. I only recently changed my relationship status even though my girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 9 months now. She doesn’t even have Facebook and we facilitate everything through me.

And when I say facilitate, I mean creep. Everyone who has a Facebook knows what I mean when I say creep. The checking people’s profiles constantly, the staying on for hours hoping for something new, the viewing of pictures, seeing status updates but never commenting on it or making your presence known.

I do it. Ex-girlfriends, ex-friends, current friends, friends friends, people who add you who really shouldn’t have because they are never going to talk to you but you still have anyway. I’ve found ways to find out that one of my old friends who fell out of my life in high school now has a tattoo on his back, and is still the complete douche bag I remember him being. I basically use Facebook to judge you on what you’re doing(or not doing) with your life, kinda makes me feel better about my own! Knowing that I turned out better than so and so, Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

d I’m actually a contributing member to society. (But, I know that there are some people with certain circumstances that affect what they are doing now, and this is not directed at you.) Via Facebook I don’t even have to be in these peoples lives, but I still know what’s going on in them. Hey! Kinda like this blog, which anyone can see! Anyways.

I also think it’s a really bad thing in some ways. People in relationships go crazy on facebook. Hacking into accounts, viewing blocked profiles, seeing pictures of their ex with a new girl. It’s a little ridiculous the lengths some people go to get back at, or spy on their exes, or even current boyfriend/girlfriend.

Furthermore, I think Facebook gives way for people to let go of friendships. I’ve had a few people drift farther away in terms of friendship. We rarely talk anymore, and when we do it’s often just the standard questions and then conversation stops. Then the excuse comes up,”Just facebook me” or “check my facebook” and you don’t even bother really talking to the person anymore, you just check their facebook and see how they’re doing. I guess it goes to show you the people that really matter to you are the people who can maintain a friendship outside of Facebook.

I think it’s weird that people just view you from a far and never comment on things. I’ve been trying to use Facebook more as what it’s made for, commenting on stuff, kind of actually USING facebook rather than just watching everyone. Makes me feel involved in the bigger commuinty I suppose.

But then it makes you wonder who’s viewing your profile and your pictures and such. Who creeps you on a daily basis? I know my profile is pretty restricted and only people who are my friends can see it. So not to many people can creep me. I think…

Facebook has given way to the instant world, where we know everything that’s going on with everyone at anytime. It has it’s good and it’s bad. I’ve recently re-connected with a few of my old friends from high school, and it’s nice to be in touch with them again. I also think Facebook provides a good way to network and promote yourself. Perhaps my future employer will see something on Facebook about me and be more inclined (or less inclined if pictures of me totally trashed at this party are up) to hire me. Applebee’s is a huge supporter of Facebook, our resturaunt has it’s own page, and they use it to connect with the employees, which I think is great, and an easy way to stay in touch and connected.

I think that’s about all I can say on this topic. Hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment on your thoughts about Facebook!

Later days,

– J


One comment

  1. Zhen

    haha fbook is how I know so much about everybody, not cuz I check up on them religiously but because I hardly ever forget anything so I remember whats going on with them…

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