Tragedy Has Struck!

My beloved Miss Scarlett has been taken from me! (For those of you who don’t know, Miss Scarlett is what I call my computer.) Thus I am typing this to you from a shitty keyboard in one of the labs at my school. Blah. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

I was thinking yesterday how much I really rely on my computer. It’s kind of sad, but I think that’s how our generation has become. And we’re going to get much worse.

In other news, my roommate leaves for Toronto tonight, so I will be sad and lonely with no one to play video games with. Pretty sure I’m going to live with my girlfriend for the week. This is made even more sad by the fact that I have no computer. Had I still been equipped with my computer I would be able to record my new album! But alas, this is not the case. So I will be practicing my songs lots and getting them all down so that recording will come easy when it does happen!

Also. I just finished writing my math exam! Yay! Done summer courses forever! So that’s good. I am going to celebrate by going and getting new jeans today. I think that I deserve them. Then we are going to Sidney to see off my roommate and have dinner. It shall be a good time. So hurray for that.

The girl from the Martlet (school newspaper I’ve done CD reviews for) emailed me yesterday, and said that everything was looking great! So this is good news. Sadly, with no computer, I can’t start new CDs. Blast!

Umm…I’m not sure what else to report to you really. JuST B is still doing well, we need to think up new posts so that people actually continually go to it, hopefully we can do that more soon. Also! I’m up to 100 views! Yay for you guys reading this! Give yourselves a pat on the back from me!

I also changed the settings so anyone can leave a comment! So don’t be afraid!

Anywho, I best be going.
Till next time!

– J



  1. Karly

    Did you get the note I left you? Sorry for intruding… I'm busy until 8ish so you guys should definately go for a late dinner with me instead of an early one without me 🙂

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