3 AM and I are mortal enemies.

Good Friggen Morning,

I have decided that my entire sleep schedule is out of wack. I was up til 3:30 two nights ago, and last night I woke up at 3:06. I don’t know what it is about that hour, but for some reason, my body wants me to be awake then. Grr. It does not make me a happy camper.


One comment

  1. Anonymous

    3 AM is when the creative mind works. 3 AM is when I realize that the robotic act of trying to "get stuff done" during the day has led to a stupid design error, and that the overnight convolution reverb batch proceesing for presentation on the morrow is going to fucked without a 4 AM fix. Its when ideas and words flow. Its when a days worth of procrastination comes to an end, and meaningfull work commenses.

    Unfortunately, it does not lend itself to 9:00 AM exams.

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