CD Review – The Dreadnoughts – Victory Square

The Dreadnoughts – Victory Square – Stomp Records

“Victory Square,” the second studio album from the Celtic punk rockers The Dreadnoughts, who hail from Vancouver, is a swashbuckling-boot-to-the-face record. The quintet recently finished up a cross Canada tour and will be back at the end of August after they play in much of Europe. On their Myspace, they categorize themselves as folk, folk rock and punk, with the latter being the best description of what they really are. The Dreadnoughts could easily draw comparisons to Flogging Molly, Rancid, or the Cancer Bats. The Dread Pirate Druzil and Seamus O’Flanahan, two members of the Dreadnoughts bring the unique characteristics of their music, playing instruments such as a tin whistle, accordion, and fiddle.

The fourth track on the CD, entitled “Boneyard” gives you the best sound-scape of the Dreadnoughts. Filled with the fiddle sliding in and out of your right ear and the mandolin in your left, you’re surrounded completely by individual sounds. The bass line gives you the rocking motion of a boat and it feels like you could be tied to the mast of a pirate ship as the captain and his crew interrogate you, ready to make you walk the plank.

“Samovar” features an intricate layering of the mandolin and fiddle part, and you really see how the band incorporates the similar sounds together. While “Grace O’Malley” sounds like it could be a Great Big Sea song on speed. Most of the songs have a similar feel to them; drums that pound like machine guns, and a bass line that pulls and drags you along with the seemingly gypsy melodies of the fiddle and mandolin.

It is understandable after listening to the CD why The Dreadnoughts classify themselves as folk. A lot of the songs on this CD feel like they could sung downtown at Irish Times, with the entire bar swinging their pints in time. The Dreadnoughts provide you with a jigging good time, so grab a pint and sing away with the boys, “Ho Way!”


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