Raver's Delight

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening to you.

It is just rounding noon here and I am quite exhausted. I spent last night with my girlfriend volunteering at the Victoria Electronic Music Festival. We were in charge of the door most of the night. It was an interesting experience for sure. Definitely makes me never want to run a club. I didn’t really find any enjoyment in it at all.

Running the door involved taking money and giving stamps, not a very glamourous job, especially for a volunteer. It was kind of annoying, because as a volunteer, you don’t really have any attachment to the association, so you don’t have any reason to try hard or anything. There’s no real reward. So we were very lax when it came to people and letting them in and such.

It was really interesting seeing the people who attend these kind of events and getting to talk to them a bit. Surprisingly the crowd was mostly older, but they were all still very good dancers! It was fun to watch for sure. And all of these people are incredibly nice too! I’m not sure if it had to do with any drugs they could have been taking, or something of the like, but anywho. My girlfriend and I were trying to figure out what these people did when they weren’t raving. There was a high school teacher, a resturaunt owner, some students, business men. Well, this is what we assumed they were.

So other than that, the night was pretty uneventful. We volunteer again today, so we might see some of the people from last night again today! Which might be nice, but we shall see.


Along the lines of JuST B fashion, the fashion agency my roommate and girlfriend have started, I tried out our latest scarf as a belt thing yesterday, and I thought I looked pretty good. But hey, that’s just my opinion. One drawback is that you have to constantly be tightening the scarf so it acts as a belt. I also found a new place to buy jeans! Hurray! I’m pretty stoked on this as I love jeans and it’s impossible to find some that fit me AND look good. So this is promising.

I‘m trying to contribute with photography things, as that is my area of expertise. So stay tuned for most posts along those lines.

In other news, one of my roommates moved out! He said he found a place not to far from here, so he’s gone! It was definitely a surprise. Over the course of 4 months, May til August, I’ve had, 6 roommates. 4 have moved out as of yet. Good grief, do I smell bad or something?

I‘m still wondering why I made this blog, and if I will ever find my niche in the interwebs. I find it so hard to find followers, or get myself out there. No one really wants to read just another blog by some guy in university. I’m sure it’s been done before. It’s hard finding something original to do in this big world, let alone get my name out there. I guess we shall see in time…

Maybe that means another CD review is in order. It’s hard to tell if anyone really likes them, as no one comments or even reads for that matter. Oh well.

Later Days,
– J


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