Supporting Cast

Hello to all of you in internet-land. You probably only being Melissa since she’s the only one who knows about or reads this.

Anyways, a few days ago, I ended up going down to the beach with my girlfriend and roommate (one of 3) and one other friend, we had a good time and they all enjoyed a few cigarettes and some wine. And then the drunk talks of starting a business together and having our own modelling agency started up, (thus coinciding with the increase of fascination with fashion in my household) and I realized that I never going to be the big star of whatever group I am in.

I have noticed I am definitely more of a behind the scenes person. I’m generally quiet, reserved and don’t speak my opinion all that often. Thus I resort to internet blogs which no one reads to get out what I need to say. But that’s beyond the point. I’ve did the grad film for our school, where I was behind the camera, I’ve done tech work, backstage work and even at parties I end up cleaning up after everyone. I usually go unnoticed.

Even in my house, I compare myself to the disgruntled mother who makes sure everything happens in such a way. The pots in our sink are piled up because no one is willing to do them, the trash is sitting outside of the bin, but it’s open and in our kitchen, waiting for someone else (which probably will end up being me) to take it out. And it pisses me off. No one will clean anything on their own.

I know you’re going to say, well just leave it and let them live in their own filth. Well then I will retort with, “then I have to live in it too” and I have a few OCD tendencies and thus I clean our kitchen on a rather regular basis. Maybe next week when my one roommate leaves to Toronto, I’ll go stay with my girlfriend on a semi-permanent basis, and then I won’t have to deal with this at all.

So I guess part of my personality, part of my life choices and part of my situation has made me the way I am. I am complaining about it, but I don’t want to change it. I like being unseen sometimes, I don’t need to be the shining star with the spotlight on me at all times. But it’s nice to get some credit and be appreciated once in a while. I guess that’s all I want.

That’s my rant for today, in other news, Microsoft bought Yahoo and now their search engine “Bing” may provide some actual competetion for the giant that is Google. Also, Michael Phelps lost a race! The first time in four years since he’s lost, and the guy throws a hissy fit. The german guy who won was apparently wearing an ‘illegal’ supersuit that makes swimmers more buoyant and streamlined, thus making swimming easier. He says that he won’t return to the world competitions until “it becomes about swimming again.” But apparently he just broke another world record, I guess things change pretty quickly. According to the Globe and Mail, swimming world records are being broke twice as often as they used to be since 2004, each having a life span of about 382 days.

Microsoft buys Yahoo
Michael Phelps Loses but then He Wins Again!

That’s all for now,

Later Days


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