Fashionable People, Doing Questionable Things


Clearly I have nothing better to do with my time, and thus, I blog more.

The big thing around my house right now is fashion. My roommate has a friend who has a fashion blog, and together, with my girlfriend, find great pleasure in mocking each and every post that the authors put up. Granted some of their outfits are a little over the top and extreme, I don’t believe that they’re entirely that off the mark. I spent something ridiculous like 2 hours yesterday just looking at fashion lines for men with my roommate. I like to believe that I am a somewhat fashionable person, but I by no means try to be a trendsetter. So I enjoy watching people and looking at magazines to see what people are wearing, and then try and emulate that in what I have.

I read an article today about Apple iPod’s have been catching on fire and burning people. And what’s more, is that Apple is trying to cover it up. I can imagine that the negative publicity for Apple if these claims were to be true would be pretty astronomical. Maybe even as bad as the Dixie Chicks war bashing remarks. Click here for story.

So I think for the blog to be useful, and to give me some kind of continuity, instead of just constant rants about my life, I am going to start trying to review a new album every week. This could become problematic if my funds start running out from buying CD’s. I’m also going to try and go to more local music events here in Victoria and review those and those bands in the local scene! So comment and give me a few suggestions on albums you’d like to know about, I’ll do my best!

I think that’s all for now, stay tuned for more posts throughout the day, I’m out of my house for another three hours, so I’ve got nothing better to do!

– J


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